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St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine baptising St. Lucilla - Jacopo da Ponte

For many of us, Valentine’s Day is seen as the ‘Day of Wine and Roses’! You only have to enter your local supermarket any day this week to be reminded of this – an endless sea of red petals to fight your way past before you get to the rest of the shop. It’s all fine and pretty unless you find yourself trying to buy a loaf of bread on the evening of February 13th when the scrum for the last few bouquets takes place!

Not a lot is known about the ‘real’ St. Valentine – except that he died on February 14th in Rome. One of the stories to his name is that he was under arrest by a judge and starting discussing faith with him. The judge challenged him to prove the power of Jesus by healing a blind girl. Valentine restored her sight and asked what he should do to recognise Jesus. Valentine told him to destroy all the idols in the household and be baptised . He did this and freed all the Christian prisoners under his control and was baptised along with his family and forty others. He was later arrested again and brought before the emperor Claudius, who rather liked him – until he tried to convert him too. Claudius ordered him to renounce his faith or face execution – he refused and was killed by being beaten with clubs and beheaded.The saint didn’t become associated with ‘love’ until the middle-ages and the reasons for this are uncertain.

The Feast of St. Valentine is still kept by the Anglican church (and others).

Now there’s something to discuss over your romantic meals tonight!

However you celebrate St. Valentine’s Day – I hope you enjoy it x

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