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Trials with Technology part 2!

Now, I can find my way around a computer, a phone, the internet etc. and all the other trappings of the modern electronic age. Yet I still know absolutely nothing really about technology. I grew up as the technology did – yes we did have a computer when I was at primary school, but there was only one single BBC one to share between the whole school. When I was at senior school we had enough for one between two for a class of 30ish. Now my daughter’s primary school has enough for a whole class to have one each during I.T. (sorry – I.C.T.) lessons! And we have two computers at home AND two mobiles that can view the internet. The upshot is that things have definitely changed!

Normally I don’t mind – I like being able to use the internet and my phone whenever I want. But if it comes to specifics I’m lost. I started looking into taking card payments at fairs and shows – what an enormous can of worms that was! So many options and so many specifics. Should I use WorldPay, Mpowa, PaypalHere (or more to the point NOT here!)? Should I use swipe and sign, chip and pin, manual entry? Izettle, WorldPay, or some other things I forget the name of? Which phone will these work with? Which version of a phone do I need? What coverage will I have at events? Agggggggggghhhhhhhhhh – it all adds up to a huge headache and several wasted hours.

I’m going back to making my jewellery – it’s much simpler! I think I’ll go back to using beans as currency instead!


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Trials with technology!


Back in the old days, pencil and paper ruled the world. I, like everyone else, learnt to write with a pencil and I still love the feel and sound of it against the paper. But this archaic method of communication apparently is no longer up to the job – it no longer cuts the mustard, it has been declared passe. I’m told that I now need to do things electronically!

I have accepted letters, email, facebook, twitter, web pages and on-line shops but now the time has come to commit my diary to electronic media. I have resisted, continuing to carry round a veritable tome in my bag, in which I plot the daily movements of the whole family – keeping us all on track and on-time (mostly) like the captain of a ship.

We have simply become too busy for the whole family to rely on me and my book – we all need to make appointments when we’re not together to check if the others have any commitment clashes – “oh no I can’t do that”,I cry, “I’m supposed to be taking Little Miss to x,y,z!”

And so I have taken the plunge and got myself a Google calender (other online calendars are available) and synced it to my phone – get me! Just how efficient this will turn out to be remains to be seen – I’ve spent the past 4 hours sorting it all out and it involved the creation of numerous email accounts and access to several mobile phones. I’m not convinced and it was alarming looking at dates for Christmas.

Hopefully it will work though – I might save at least a little weight in my bag – but in the mean time, if I’m not somewhere when I’m supposed to be, please, dear friends, it’s not my fault – blame it on the technology.

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