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Autumn is definitely here!


I went on a brief walk today, not far, just outside my door and along the road a little way, in search of a few leaves to work with. The sun was shining so I didn’t bother with a coat, but I hadn’t got very far before I wished I had!

Anyway I walked far enough to gather a selection of leaves – some hawthorn, silver birch and ash (complete with its keys) – which I’ve already started work with to create some new jewellery pieces. There will be some pendants and a couple of pairs of earrings too I think.

I also started work on some other new ideas – I can’t wait for the first stage of the clay to dry out so I can crack on! I just want to see how they turn out.

I love autumn – the colours of the turning leaves are inspiring and that lovely smell in the air puts a spring in my step. But sadly it means that the leaves will start to fall too – which in turn means no more leaves for my jewellery for a while! What will I do?!? Looking around today I noticed that the oak is still holding on to its leaves well whilst the silver birch is loosing them very fast indeed. If you’re after a piece of jewellery made from leaves at all – now is the time to speak up. At least I’ll still be able to use holly and ivy though:


But then comes the spring and we can start all over again! But now I’m just wishing the time away xxx

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Folksy Friday anyone?

I’m a fairly new Folksy Shop holder – I’d never really heard of Folksy before I started looking around for ways to sell my jewellery online. But now I’ve found it there is no holding me back! I simply can’t believe the sheer range and quality of the items on offer, not to mention the real individual nature of each piece. I hear-by vow never to buy mass-produced again!

For those of you who haven’t yet spotted the chocolate oval shapes dominating the shop shelves (along with the influx of cute bunnies), it really is fast approaching Easter – yes I know – in March?! So today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Easter related Folksy finds – do please go and have a look at the sellers’ shops, they have so much more to offer than I could ever fit on here!

Hand knitted merino bunny rabbit

Hand knitted merino bunny rabbit
Designed by Jo Macgregor – Pickle-Lily
£10 plus p+p

Easter Rag Wreath

Easter Rag Wreath
Designed by Gillian Rumford – Bobbin Cottage Designs
£12 plus p+p

When you first look at Folksy – it’s really hard to know where to begin – just browsing the categories can be so interesting if you’re not looking for anything particular. If you have something in mind, you can always use the search box.

I’ve decided that since I now run my own small business specialising in handmade goods that I should show solidarity with my fellows artists and pledge to buy from small, independent outlets. I’ve always found this hard in the past – where I live, there aren’t so many of these sorts of shops and I haven’t always had the time to go elsewhere for presents. Now I need look no further – I’m fairly certain that I’ll be able to find something for everyone from now on.

Another great advantage of buying handmade is the amount of care and attention that has gone into each product at every stage. These items have been LOVED –  from the day they were designed, right through the development stage (and yes – that includes all the frustrating mistakes and mix-ups along the way), throughout the process of selecting the right materials and making, right up to the point where they are carefully packaged up and wing their way off to their new loving home.

Set of 4 Decorated Eggs

Set of 4 Decorated Eggs
Designed by Debbie Stevenson – Burley Beads
£10 plus p+p

Cute Easter Rabbit

Cute Easter Rabbit
Designed by Louise Alison Townley – Ellie May Designs
£18 plus p+p

Just recently I read somewhere that all handmakers suffer from a sense of un-worthiness at one time or another.  “I just don’t think people think they’re worth the money,” they cry. For anyone out there who makes and sells their creations, I’m sure this will ring true. The sad fact is that mass-production items can afford to be cheap BECAUSE they are mass-produced rather than the other way around. Each one of these items will have been hours and hours in the making and no other item produced by the same maker is ever likely to be completely identical.

Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies
Designed by Angela Wilkinson – Small Purple Hedgehog
£2.50 plus p+p

Golden magpie nest bowl with egg

Golden magpie nest bowl with egg
Designed by Jo Lucksted – Jo Lucksted Ceramics
£39 plus p+p

Really what I suppose I’m saying is that if you want a gift for a truly unique person that really says you care, then try and have a look around Folksy. And remember whilst you’re browsing just how much effort has gone into each and every piece.

Don’t forget that you could always buy yourself something too as a treat – after all YOU deserve it after all that hard work supporting independent artisans.

Find me on Folksy

MoonRiver Jewellery

And finally – a shameless little plug for my own Folksy shop (although I can’t pretend for a second that it’s Easter related)!

You can find some more fabulous folksy finds on my Pinterest board:

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Inspiration is all around for those who choose to find it.

Inspiration is all around for those who choose to find it.